Saturday, June 29, 2002

I’m grateful for my „Longman Dictionary Of Contemporary English”. Without it I wouldn’t be able to write ANY proper fic!
I’ve learned I was a weirdo looong time ago...
Music playing in my head: „Thieves In The Temple” Prince

K’so! Isn’t it always the way? First I’ve been standing at the dead end for months, and now when finally things seem to be getting somewhere, there’s suddenly another employer who needs me NOW! What the hell am I supposed to do? Split myself like a friggin’ amoeba, for Goddess’ sake?!

Thursday, June 27, 2002

I’m grateful for a wonderful storm, which finally arrived *I’m dancing in the rain...*
I’ve learned some bad Italian vocab *g*
Music playing in my head: „Cryin’” Aerosmith

I said I’ll grow my hair as far down as my ass, but I didn’t say a word about my fringe, now did I? So I cut it. Phew! I feel better already.
Seems I’m going to spend the rest of my cash on tickets to Opole. Today it was a surreal story, 3 hours of tests and brain-storms, I’m going there again tomorrow and still I don’t know if anything comes of this. Oh well. I have nothing to lose anyway.
There’s a Tolkien con in Bonn. *heh, it rhymes* Guess how much you have to pay? *shit* Maybe I’ll earn sth until August...

Name: MahRee'soo de Smytheford
Eye Color: Golden Azure
Hair Color: Luxurious Silver
Signature Scent: Passionate Lilies
Paranormal Power: Astral Projection
Specialised Skill: Photojournalist
Distinguishing Mark: Pointed Ears
Relationship to a Major Character: Chakotay's Commanding Officer

Taken from Utopia’s livejournal and she took it from here

Saturday, June 22, 2002

I’m grateful that our house has LARGE windows.
I’ve learned how to „drive PIG into STY” *vbg*
Music playing in my head: „Thousand Miles” Vanessa Carlton

You would think after yesterday storm today will be cooler. Well, think again. It’s so bloody hot all my plot bunnies moved to North Pole (can’t say I blame them). The fic I’ve had in mind for 2 weeks now will have to wait a bit.
I’ve read „The Universe In A Handkerchief” by Martin Gardner. Loads of Lewis Carroll’s puzzles and word games. You can drive pig into sty playing a game called Doublets. „Two words are proposed, of the same length; and the Puzzle consists in linking these together by interposing other words, each of which shall differ from the next word in one letter only. That is to say, one letter may be changed in one of the given words, then one letter in the word so obtained, and so on, till we arrive at the other given word. The letters must not be interchanged among themselves, but each must keep to its own place. As an example, the word head may be changed into tail by interposing the words heal, teal, tell, tall.” So, dip PEN into INK, and try to think of sth without the damn bunnies for once!

Sunday, June 16, 2002

I finally got to see MTV Movie Awards. Go Orli! Go LotR! *does a happy dance* Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jack Black at the Council of Elrond... erm... OK. It was bit disgusting, some parts made me think of Very Secret Diaries and THOSE were funny. I like the way they use the material we already know and put it together with their parts so we get sth new. *blinks* Hey! Where’s „The Two Towers” trailer you promised us? Bloody Polish MTV.
And... Closer Than Brothers is baaack! Yay! It’s good to have DreagonFLi’s journal to stick my nose into *g*

Thursday, June 13, 2002

I'm grateful for everything I have.
I've learned I SHOULD let go a bit.
Music playing in my head: "Kiss Kiss" Holly Valance *OMG*

Spent the whole afternoon playing football with Amber (well, *I* was playing, *he* was trying to tear the ball apart). Wonder why I never played football while being at school. Guess it had a lot to do with SCORE and the fact that everyone acted like the damn Queen Of Hearts every time you made mistake. Can’t you people do anything just for FUN?!
Speaking of which...

Life is a very complex thing to you. You don't understand why there's hate, when we should all love each other. Most things bring you pain, slow painful emotional pain. You know someday you'll unlock the secrets of the universe, but right now all you want to do is lay down and think for awhile. Try not to cry.

Gee, sounds SO like me sometimes!

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

I’m grateful for some VERY nice feedbacks I got today *group bearhug to all ya out there*
I’ve learned that you should really look where you’re going
Music playing in my head: „Record Of Lodoss War” tv series opening

Weather got better so I took my dog „into the wild” (no Rivendell at the end of the road, sorry *g*) We saw a beautiful little bug that seemed to be made of a very shiny peace of dark lapis-lazuli. Then I almost stepped on a snake! Basking in the sun, it ignored me completely but sure did give me a start. It had this strange pattern on its back so it could be a viper but then again – I’m not an expert. Good thing Amber hadn’t noticed it. He’s so crazy he would probably have tried to eat it.

And I had a really strange dream with Aragorn. I was LEGOLAS! Lol

What Jelly Belly flavor are you? I'm -

Find your flavor here!

Sunday, June 09, 2002

I finally managed to pull myself together.
I learned some new songs ^_^
Music playing in my head: „eX Dream” from X – tv series

i am nagi of schwarz

You're the "baby" of schwarz. You lived a pretty fuxked up childhood just like your teammates. However, it didn't quite make you as psychotic and bitter as the rest of Schwarz. You are generally good-natured and mild-mannered. You're shy, reserved, innocent, and quiet... you also seem to be in love with a psycho girl who is 2yrs your senior. The downfall? You are way too much like Omi...minus the excess tears. You are not only a wuss but highly indecisive and Bradley basically plots your life chart for you. Stop angsting and grow a backbone my boy...

What member of Schwarz are you?

No fucked up childhood, no telekinetic abilities, NOT in love at all. Apart from that... *shrug*

Predestined love; even before birth, two souls are fated to find themselves in each
others arms... such a foolish idea, a wasted fantasy. There's no such thing as
fate; coincidence, nothing more. There is no way to connect "souls," and anyone
who believes such a stupid notion is inferior- these things cannot happen! So, I
refuse to believe... in destiny and... in love...

Love: a fleeting dream; just another lie in a world of self-deceit, an illusion
held over the eyes of the vain. They try desperately to reach for this eternal
dream, but it disappears before they can touch... why? A person will endure the
lies, tortures and tears of hell itself for such a fleeting emotion... why? To lose
all feeling for moment's pleasure...?

These feelings; insignificant, fleeting, obsessive- these feelings... is it, just
maybe...? no, i don't believe in such ideas. Love is nothing more than a lie; an
excuse for desire and lust, a false reality that catches us in it's mind games and
then tears our bodies to shreds. ...But, if reality is a falsehood as well, am I
not caught up in my own paradox? Tell me- what am I to believe then? Love- what
does it mean then...?
Ne, isn’t THIS fitting? *g*

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

I’m grateful for having another day to try and do my best.
I’ve learned a bit ‘bout myself again.
Music playing in my head: „Rhythm Emotion” from „Gundam Wing”

I spent the whole weekend with Feng-Shui-friendly people. A LOT of talking, A LOT of discussing, A LOT of new information. Felt awkward at times, though. An outsider would not understand what’s so amusing in saying to someone feeling shaky „Oh, go get yourself a black turtle, will ya?” *g*
Can’ find the right ending to my LotR fic. As I said, it’s difficult to express emotions you never really experienced in RL. Some things are just beyond my imagination. How I hate being all aesthetic *feels disgusted*

Find your Roswell match
Your Roswell guy is...

Michael Guerin.
"I want you to see me."
Like you, Michael Guerin is a rebellious free spirit who doesn't always play by the rules. You prefer your men sexy and dangerous, with a spark of passion. No sappy and boring old romance for you. Adventure and unpredictability are what you crave. It might be difficult to break through that infamous stone wall of his, but the rewards are plentiful if you persevere. Don't be discouraged or expect too much of him and you may find yourself surprised at his sweetness when it really counts.

Yeah, I guess I won't argue with this one... *g*