Friday, August 30, 2002

„Free As A Bird”...
If you want to make gods laugh, tell them about your plans
„Murder On A Dancefloor” Sophie Ellis Bextor

Das ist ja peinlich, nur für ein Paar Stunden in Berlin zu sein!
Oh well. I wrote „Snow Window” in a car; I bought myself the 7th volume of „Bronze” (I just so got used to the guys I have to know what’s happening to them...); the meeting was stressful, but – successful *g* And I’ll miss speaking English again (to others, I speak to myself quite often, thank you very much)...
Also, one of the waiters was a real bishounen and I just kept staring at him at every opportunity. He had those incredible wide eyes, making you wonder how they’d look like fluttering shut, if you were to touch him. He smiled at me when we were leaving and it was a nice warm smile just for me *vbg*
Toldja I don’t need much to feel happy...

Yeah, but that was 3 days ago. Today I lost my job, or rather – I thanked for it *rolls her eyes* So, I slammed this door... let’s see if I find an open window.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

Grateful for everything *g*
Music playing in my head: „Delicate” Terence Trent D’Arby and Des’Ree

I indeed don’t need much to feel happy. Being an interpreter in business matters again; a book I’d very much like to read available in my library (in two weeks’ time, but still...); cherry-vanilla flavoured shower gel (makes me think of Bronze Tigress’ „Domestic Bliss”... *vbg*); and some VERY nice feedbacks – that’s all it took this time *grins happily*
And no, am not gonna fall for someone I’ve been seeing almost everyday for nearly 2 months now, just because of caramel locks and wide blue eyes, much less that smile! Been there, done that. No. No. No.
And the damn ring has nothing to do with this.

Saturday, August 17, 2002

Rainer Maria Rilke


Wo ist zu diesem Innen
ein Außen? Auf welches Weh
legt man solches Linnen?
Welche Himmel spiegeln sich drinnen
in dem Binnensee
dieser offenen Rosen,
dieser sorglosen, sieh:
wie sie lose in Losen
liegen, als könnte nie
eine zitternde Hand sie verschütten.
Sie können sich selber kaum
Halten; viele ließen
sich überfüllen und fließen
über von Innenraum
in die Tage, die immer
voller und voller sich schließen,
bis der ganze Sommer ein Zimmer
wird, ein Zimmer in einem Traum.

This reminds me SO much of Utena!

Friday, August 09, 2002

Grateful to Waneko for publishing „Mars”.
Have learned that I should beat a hasty retreat every time any of my Mum’s friends calls.
Music playing in my head: „Duvet” BoA (from „Serial Experiments Lain”)

And to think I have to wait 2 months for the next part of „Mars”! I like it very much... The chara design is really eye-catching, expressive, clear-cut and sparing. The characters are even better... Feel like a strange mixture of both Kira and Rei. Being an outcast is kinda „the story of my life” (still I surely WOULD have had sth to say had any of my teachers ever tried to grope me like this!) and it seems I perfected Rei’s „I don’t give a damn” attitude. Only, he does care. But not about himself, about the others – Akitaka, Kyoko, then Kira...
And when he kisses that Mars statue... awww, he’s so sexy! *g*
So, yeah, I admire Soryo Fuyumi already. Gimme some more!

Saturday, August 03, 2002

Grateful for some gen.
Learned some Japanese.
Music playing in my head: „Ya soschla s uma” Tatu

Awww, finally! They’ll play „Gundam Wing” on Hyper, next month! And there’ll be manga published, too! Yes! *does a „Benton victory gesture”* As a result of reading all those fan fics and doujinshis I have a feeling I know the guys so well... just can’t wait to see the „canon” ^___^