Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Plus: I ordered 2nd „Kawaii” CD
Minus: the weather wasn’t pretty (but I had an umbrella *g*)
Plus: there’s a chance for me in 3 weeks’ time
Minus: the damn public telephone gobbled my phone card (argh, I hate this!)
Plus: Kate dropped by; she goes to France in 2 days’ time (maybe I should call her Kite? – suits her *g*)
Minus: my Parents just had another BIG argument
PLUS: I’ve heard a whole „Be Not Nobody” album of Vanessa Carlton. Loved it. That girl is just awesome and I like her voice SO much! „Wanted” shook me to the core, stirring sth deep within, it’s such a powerful song. And „Twilight” made me think of Heero for some reason (yeah, I’m clearly obsessed with the guys)... So, I already know what I want for Christmas! *vbg*

Let’s see... 4 pros and 3 cons *nods contented* It was a good day!

Thursday, September 05, 2002

I’m grateful that Saturday doesn’t exist yet.
Have learned that „vacation” isn’t always a good thing...
Music playing in my head: „Just Communication” from „Gundam Wing”

The fact that I know exactly why I undergo this treatment again doesn’t make me feel any better about this. The very thought of B12 interjections AND trental intravenous drips gives me creeps... *shakes herself* Ch’. What’s 10 bloody days in comparison to the whole eternity? *crooked smile*

OT. I just KNEW it wasn’t a good idea to watch „Fucking Amal”...

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