Saturday, December 21, 2002

Open letter to the Universe

Let me remember I'm an unique part of you.
Let me remember I'm just like all others.
Teach me how to love and be loved.
Teach me how to follow my path (when I find it).
Let me be healthy.
Let me be useful.
Don't let me waste my time anymore.

PS And if you let me get my hands on Asami Tohjoh's "Denkou Sekka Boys", I'd be more than grateful, too ^__^

Monday, December 16, 2002

I'm really glad I've found re-chan's site with loads of goodies for my hentai mind. And Sugiura Shiho rocks!
I really am imbecile idiot of a slowpoke ass... *shakes head*
"Sk8er Boi" Avril Lavigne

Under the trees it doesn't snow when it snows but it starts snowing when it stops snowing *g*


Gnothi seauton

My body needs... a chisel and a good sculptor
I'd very much like... to keep my promises to myself
I think I can be... patient
I'd never ever... kill myself
Before my eyes I see... colorful spheres and possibilities
When I get to sleep I think about... the good bits and pieces of the day
And when I wake up I'm closer to... the good things in me
It'd be nice to hug... someone real for a change
I have to find... some balance and peace in myself

When I say "enough"... I follow up with "shut up, who asks YOU?"
Grown-ups are... scary
In every human being there's... a flame
For me, devil and angel are... opposite sides of the same coin
I won't last without... my dreams
My love has to be... patient with me
My love must have... some crazy impulse inside
My love has to desire... me ^__^
When I get angry I'm... careless about what happens next
In love the most important thing is... to trust and be loyal to one another
Want to sleep and dream about... some beautiful images that'll help me with my fics
The worst nightmare would be... to lose my beloved ones
A spring forest at dawn makes me think of... freedom, joy, a new day full of promises
If I could travel around the world, I'd choose... Far East first; then New Zealand, then Ireland, then the rest. I want to see it all!

I'm crazy about... um, so many things I'm lost sometimes
When I'm down... I try to sleep
I'm capable of killing for... it'd have to be VERY extreme, like someone trying to kill ME or someone I care about (still I'd rather not think of a possibility)
Never in my life I'll be... never say never *duh* I'd like to say I'll never be untrue to myself
I believe in myself, because... (do I? hmm...) I'm one-of-the-kind and hey, I'm alive!
I don't drink... alcohol (save herbal martini for special occasions)
The true sincerity is about... remembering the reason
The true friendship means... that you're there for your friends through thick or thin and that you accept your friends the way they are, not the way you'd LIKE them to be
My heart is drawn to... beauty with a good heart and sharp mind
I try to prove to the world that... I don't have to prove anything to be happy
I like it when everything around... seems to be in a right place
I like it when everyone around... is happy (or at least satisfied)

When I'm glad my face... gets superdeformed ^__^
If I were 100 years older... I hope I'd be wiser, too
My biggest problem is... chaos within
When I think about love I feel... confusion
The most important thing is to have... faith
I need above all else... to solve this puzzle of mine
I feel stupid when... I run from responsibility
Jealousy is... stupid
The most difficult thing is to... focus on whatever is important to me
Life could be... less complicated (won't be *fun* anymore)
After life... I'll feed the star dust
You can fall in love... by accident and not even knowing it
I'm not necessarily able to... stop my express of thoughts
When it seems it can't get any worse I feel... hope, that it's the sign of things actually getting better

Sunday, December 01, 2002

I can go on changing myself.
I CAN do without Internet... for a week or so *sheepish grin*
"Final Distance" Utada Hikaru

Yeah, I'm not dead. Not yet *g*
But I AM fed up with Diaryland - seems like every time I add a new entry, the previous one disappears! *growls* So I'm gonna repost most of the old entries here and say 'bye bye to Diaryland, I doubt we'll meet again!'
So, here goes:

'The most beautiful...' list

I must be a visualizer, cause the first beautiful things coming to my mind are images.

Some of the most beautiful faces I've seen in art (I couldn't think of any particular order, they're all special to me):

· Venus in "Birth of Venus" by Botticelli
· Delphic Sybilla by Michaelangelo
· Angel in "Angel and Tobias" by Filippino Lippi
· Discobolus - I've no idea who sculpted him
· Francesc Serra's portrait of a girl wearing a head-kerchief
· Leda by Gustave Moreau
· Girl in "King Kofetua and a beggar-girl" by Burne-Jones
· Atalanta by Beardsley
· Madonna in "The funeral of the Count of Orgaz" by El Greco
· Athena by Susan Seddon Boulet

Some of the most beautiful people I know in RL - and watch at the movies *g*:

· My Mum - she has these incredible owl-wide blue eyes
· My best friend Kate - there's sth I call a "southern-rich-womanly-grace" about her
· My "fortnight friend" a couple of years ago - he could've been one of those cherubic twins Richard of Gloucester cast into Tower in 1483
· My high-school crush - all translucent skin, blue eyes and dark locks
· Elizabeth - tall, slender, with plaited honey-coloured hair and elfin features
· Jolene Blalock in "Jason and the Argonauts"
· Saffron Burrows in "The Seventh Stream"
· Tilda Swinton and Sean Bean in "Caravaggio"
· Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood in "Lord of the Rings - FotR"

"Miscellaneous" *g*:

· Marilyn Monroe in the "Kiss" sequence from "Niagara"
· A valley full of maple-trees in the middle of nowhere
· "Legend of Ashitaka" theme from "Princess Mononoke" soundtrack
· "Le Tres-Bas" by Christian Bobin (I think it's sth like "The most humble" in English)
· Tea called "Iguana", vanilla-strawberry flavour AND taste
· Fireworks mixed with an orchestra playing "E.T" theme at the annual Norwich city festival
· "Kiss" by baby_pen
· The paschal dish my Mum prepares for Easter breakfast
· "The warrior of light" by Paulo Coelho
· Any cat!

OK, and this is new:
What's your sexual appeal?

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ME!? *howls with laughter*