Saturday, March 22, 2003

*massages feet*
I'm tired.
According to the work we've done so far our main boss decided to open the market a week earlier. Ah gellam. That means longer shifts and even less sleep. I don't mind working 8.30 to 11 or so, if it's necessary, but having to get up 2 hours earlier and then getting home well past midnight because of the bloody trains really ticks me off. But hey, at least I have a job...
So tired.

Saturday, March 15, 2003

He'll sing you to sleep ever night under the moon
and stars, with his arms wrapped tightly around
you to keep you safe and warm. He'll love you
til the end of time and beyond, as you do him.
Your soul and his soul are entwined for
eternity, that is, if you had an eternity.
Eternity doesn't apply to you. As time catches
up with you, he'll watch you wilt, like a
flower under the sun too long. He'll still love
you with all his heart, but sadness will fill
his days as he watches you fade away?Your love
will be evergreen, but you will pass on, like
the rest of us, leaving him heart broken and
utterly alone in this world. He will spend the
rest of eternity living on the memories of you.
Even the wind will echo with your laughter.

How will you break Legolas's heart?
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I need a life. Fast.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Being away from home, staying at the hotel and working all day _has_ its advantages, heh. Like going to see TTT yet again _two_ times *grins widely* Like buying the 16th volume of "X" (I think I'll regret that later... poor Subaru *sniff*) Like going to an Internet cafe... Never thought I'd use one, what with having 51 hours of free surfing at my compy *g* But I just _had_ to check my mail, and I'm glad I did *blows kisses in zasjah and Triskell's direction*
And, I had to put _this_ here:

You want Eowyn!
Your lust object is A‰owyn! Bad luck, she's dead set
on Aragorn. Well almost. You don't happen to be
Faramir, do you?

Which Helm's Deep soldier do you wanna shag?
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I gotta cheat big time next time and get Legolas, too *chuckles*